Visualization Tools for Public Participation in the Management of Landscape Change

1/2003 - 12/2005

Prof. Dr. Eckart Lange -Project Manager
Ulrike Wissen - PhD Researcher
Olaf Schroth - PhD Researcher


The management of land is increasingly decided at a local level, with trends across Europe of greater public participation in landscape planning processes and empowerment of local administrations to determine resource exploitation and development. Yet, understanding of the outcomes and consequences of landscape planning decisions is generally poor among the public and their elected representatives.

This project analyzes public preferences and land manager aims for present landscapes and scenarios of future land use to produce a set of new visualization tools that enable public participation in landscape management. It uses relationships between visual qualities and other landscape functions such as biodiversity, cultural heritage, amenity and sustainable production to support a sound stewardship of the rural and peri-urban landscape, and an increased understanding of change.

>> 2.5.-6.5.2005 "Our Shared Landscape" Conference in Ascona
>> 22.4.-8.5.2005 Stand at the exhibition "150 Years ETH Zurich"
>> 9.8.2004 The final version of the level-of-detail survey has gone online!
>> 9.7.2004 New visualisation samples added
>> 3.3.-5.3.2004 The first visualisation tools, showing the case study sites at their current state, have been presented at the 2nd International End-User Workshop in New Lanark / UK
>> 8.10.-11.10.2003 The second project workshop took place in Aberdeen / UK.
>> 17.7.2003 Visualization Section: Samples of Vegetation Models for the Swiss study site
>> 14.5.2003

Click here for the design studies ("dummies") of Decision Support Tools for the VisuLands project

>> 5.3.-9.3.2003 The 1st International End-User Workshop took place in Aberdeen / UK.

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