Research Plan: Duration 01/2003-12/2005
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The project is split into four phases, managed within several work packages. Phase 1 starts with an end-user workshop, and Phases 1, 2 and 4 all end with similar workshops, providing recommendations for the subsequent work tasks.

  Phase 1: Project Foundations
  Phase 2: Developments of Techniques
  Phase 3: Evaluation and Feedback
  Phase 4: Assessment and Plan for Exploitation

ETH Zurich: Development of Visualization Techniques
The ETH is responsible for workpackage number 2, which is containing the development of visualization tools, i.e. virtual reality models for visualizing different landscapes and scenarios of landscape change for the case study areas. In this context, the milestones are:

  Expected Results and relevant corresponding milestones
Completion of protoype visualization and methods presented at the second project workshop
An end-user assessment of the tools and methods presented at the second projects workshop
Final visualization tool with integration of indicators and end-user assessment

In detail, workpackage number 2 is divided into 6 steps:

Number Title of the Workpackage

Compile data for 3D models


Construct 3D models and visualizations of case study area


Testing of levels of detail, scale and transferability of types of visualization
(questionnaire study of user responses)


Visualizations of future landscape scenarios


Improvements in visualizations with feedback from end-user Group


Coupling of visualization and indicators


Contributions to other workpackages

In addition to workpackage number 2, the ETH is contributing to the workpackages number 3 to 7 that are supervised by its project partners.

Number Title of the Workpackage
3 Landscape indicators
4 Development of visual preference models
5 Linking delivery mechanisms with the visual landscape
6 Linking visual, social, ecological and production functions 
7 Assessment and exploitation
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