Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch 
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The Entlebuch-Region, a major valley 40km south-west of Lucerne, covers an area of 395km2 and ranges from 590m to a maximum altitude of 2350m at Brienzer Rothorn.

Location of the Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch (Switzerland)
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The Entlebuch`s cultural landscape is of (inter-)national significance because of the natural scenery and the habitat functions for plants and animals. It is a very diverse landscape with extensive areas of agriculture and valuable and diverse habitats, such as large forests, karst areas and moorlands which are unique in Switzerland.

Entlebuch Valley
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River "Kleine Emme"


View from Romoos

Since September 2001, the Entlebuch-Region is accredited as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve according to the new UNESCO strategy (Sevilla 1995).
Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch


Biosphere reserves are areas of terrestrial and coastal/marine ecosystems or a combination thereof, which are internationally recognized within the framework of UNESCO's programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB), in accordance with the present Statutory Framework.
UNESCO Programme on Man and the Biosphere


In combining the three functions below, biosphere reserves should strive to be sites of excellence to explore and demonstrate approaches to conservation and sustainable development on a regional scale:

1. Conservation
contribute to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation;
2. Development
foster economic and human development which is socio-culturally and ecologically sustainable;
3. Logistic support
support for demonstration projects, environmental education and training, research and monitoring related to local, regional, national and global issues of conservation and sustainable development.

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