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Design Studies
The results of our first design studies offer two complementary approaches for Decision Support Tools (DST), that aim at different stages of the planning process. Please take into account that the presented Decision Support Tools (DST) are design studies only, i.e. most functions are not working yet or they are just animations rather than algorithms based on real data.

1. Concept Tool

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The first tool should help the user in assessing the priorities associated with development scenarios. Therefore, it complements traditional methods of assessing development priorities.


First, the user can assess the importance of each indicator by moving the indicator bar at the bottom. Due to the linkage between the indicators this movement also affects the other indicators, as well as the number of visual objects to place.

Secondly, the user interactively learns about the outputs from the assessment by the placement of the objects in the landscape.


2. Assessment Tool

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The second tool is an interface for presenting geodata, combined with indicators, in 3D realtime environments, 3D stills, animations (over time), tables, texts, images etc. in an integrated way. It is aimed at the stakeholders, who might not be familiar with more complex GIS interfaces, and it seeks to find an intuitive means of presenting land use scenarios.

The tool does not replace programs for generating geodata, such as GIS and 3D modelling tools, as these are needed in the creation of the underlying materials.


In the menu on the left, location, scenario and indicators (visuals, text and tables can all be included as well as materials in other media) are chosen. The bottom menu contains the 3D navigation facility as well as a timescale for showing animations of developments over time.



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