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since 1991









ETH Zürich
Chair for Landscape and Environmental Planning

Supervision of Studio Projects for Students in Rural and Environmental Engineering: Landscape and Environmental Planning

Teaching in Postgraduate Course Spatial Planning

Research and Planning Seminars

Teaching in Postgraduate Course Spatial Information Systems

Landscape Planning, Spatial Planning and EIA,
Geomatics for Environmental Engineering

Supervision of Diploma Theses and PhD candidates

since WS 2002

Lectureship: Landscape Design and Management (103-0329-00)
Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering



University of Zürich
Lectureship Postgraduate Course Environmental Education

1996 - 2000

Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences
Supervision of Studio Projects
Lectureship Postgraduate Course Computing in Landscape Planning
Lectureship Postgraduate Course Computer Visualization in Planning and Design

SS 2001

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Lectureship Master in Landscape Architecture Program

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