Dr. sc. techn. Sigrid Hehl-Lange

Dipl. Ing. Landscape PlannerInstitute for Spatial and Landscape DevelopmentSwiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich8093 Zürich-HönggerbergSwitzerlandfon: (+41) 1 633 3827fax: (+41) 1 633 1102 hehl@nsl.ethz.ch

After an apprenticeship as a gardener in a nursery I studiedLandscape Planning at the TUBerlin. I worked in a wide area ranging from small to big scalein landscape architecture (private gardens and competitions) as wellas in landscape planning, landscape ecology and visual simulation. Inthe UNESCO Man and theBiosphere program in the German NationalPark Berchtesgaden I was comparing the real and the GIS derivedsynthetic vegetation of the alpine meadows. While being in the US, Iworked as a landscape planner for the AudubonSociety, Massachusetts. The following list of research projectsgives an overview of the type of work I am involved in since workingat the ETH Zürich.
Other than working at ETH Zürich my husband Eckartand me share our responsibilities, the fun part as well as the hardpart, in raising our two children Franziska and Silvan.



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Research and Projects

The Contribution of UrbanGreenspace to Quality of Life

Functions and Effects of Biotopes: GIS-based Analysis andVisualization

Environmental Impact Assessment Brusio

Ecological Planning Bündner Rheintal

Gravel Pit Rafzer Feld

Surface Mining Niederlausitz




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