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Gravel Pit Rafzer Feld

The Rafzer Feld is located in the northern part of Switzerlandbetween the Rhine valley and the German border. The name 'Feld' =Field implies that this landscape at least in the past was importantfor agriculture. Today three large separate depressions ofapproximately 50m depth covering an area of nearly two km2 dominatethe once homogeneous flat landscape. The arrangement and the locationof the gravel pits give evidence that so far no comprehensivelandscape planning for the whole region exists. After decades ofdigging, citizens of the communities and the state now have a stronginterest to develop this landscape as a unity. The simulation showswhat the population of the Rafzer Feld prefers: a broad plain to berestored after completion of gravel extraction used again asagricultural land.

Rafzer Feld with Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit..........Restored (25kb)


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