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Biographical Notes

Eckart Lange

I studied Landscape Planning at the TU Berlin and at Heriot-WattUniversity / Edinburgh College ofArt. After graduating from the TUBerlin, I was awarded a DAADscholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) for HarvardUniversity and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

My interests cover a broad range of issues in landscape planningsuch as landscape change, resource management, EIA, visual analysis,rural landscapes and urban greenspace.

My first tender contact with GIS was in 1985. Working for the UNESCOMan and the Biosphere program in the German NationalPark Berchtesgaden my wife SigridHehl-Lange and me developed a GIS-based synthetic vegetation map,which we then field-checked against the real vegetation using theBraun-Blanquet method.
After being involved in a project on Alternative Futures forRoosevelt CampobelloInternational Park (Canada) and conducting a study about VistaManagement for AcadiaNational Park (USA) since working at ETHZürich I am also concentrating on digital visual simulationin Landscape and Environmental Planning.

Other than working at ETH Zürich Sigi and me share ourresponsibilities, the fun part as well as the hard part, in raisingour children.



1982 - 1987

TU Berlin
Landscape Planning
Heriot-Watt University / Edinburgh College of Art (GB)
Landscape Architecture


Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Planner (with distinction)

1988 - 1989

Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge MA, USA
Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture


MDesS (Master in Design Studies, in Landscape Planning)


ETH Zürich
Dissertation: Reality and Computer-based Visual Simulation. An Empirical Study on the Degree of Realism of Virtual Landscapes.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Schmid, Prof. Dr. Ewald (ETH Zürich), Prof. Dr. Steinitz (Harvard University)


Memberships / Boards

since 1996

Member of the Editorial Board of Landscape and Urban Planning / International Journal of Landscape Ecology, Planning and Design, Elsevier Press
(up to 2000 on behalf of Prof. Dr. Schmid)

since 1998

Member in the AG-Vis of ETH Zürich (Working Group for Visualization, Visdome)

since 1998

Member in the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)


Practical Experience

1985 / '86 / '87

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Project Berchtesgaden.
Vegetation Mapping / TU Munich-Weihenstephan

1986 - 1989

Design of private gardens in Berlin, Stuttgart and Baiersbronn, jointly with Sigrid Hehl

1987 - 1988

Landscape Plan Berlin-Wedding,
Systems Research and Landscape Planning, Dr. Stöhr and Dr. Böcker


UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Project Berchtesgaden.
Development of Land Use Scenarios for the Subalpine and Alpine Region / TU Munich-Weihenstephan


Senator for Urban Development and Environmental Protection.
Research Grant: Agricultural Landscapes of Berlin, jointly with Sigrid Hehl


Vista Management - Study, Acadia National Park, Maine USA, U.S. National Park Service

1989 - 1990

Project Manager at the Institute for Landscape Planning and Environmental Protection, Uster.
GIS-based Regional Assessments, Gravel Extraction and Reclamation Projects, Landscape Planning for Highway A4, Winterthur - Henggart

1990 - 1992

ETH Zürich, Institute for National, Regional, and Local Planning
Environmental Impact Assessment Hydroelectric Power Project Brusio, Visual Quality / Visual Simulation

1994 - 1996

ETH Zürich, Institute for National, Regional, and Local Planning
Project Leader Pilot Project Visualization of Brown Coal Landscapes in the Niederlausitz Region (Ministry for Environment, Nature Protection, and Spatial Planning, Brandenburg, Germany)

1998 - 2000

European Commission, Directorate General Transport, COST 341
Swiss Expert Group, Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure


ETH Zürich, Institute for National, Regional, and Local Planning
Initiator and Organizer of the International Conference: Our Visual Landscape: a Conference on Visual Resource Management.
ETH Zürich / Ascona, 23. - 27. August 1999
(Co-Chair Prof. Dr. Ian Bishop, Centre for GIS and Modelling, University of Melbourne)

since 2000

EU, Fifth Framework: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
GREENSPACE: The Contribution of Urban Greenspace to Quality of Life.
Project Leader. With Partners from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain

since 2001

Planning and Design of Public Open Space. Use of traditional and new Media and Technology, Project Leader

since 2002

Planning with Virtual Alpine Landscapes and Autonomous Agents, Co-Project Leader

since 2003

EU, Fifth Framework: Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources
VISULANDS: Management Tools for the Visual Analysis of Sustainable Rural Landscapes.
Project Leader. With Partners from France, Great Britain, Norway, Portugal and Sweden

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