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SGI Prize of Excellence (Poster Award, together with EckartLange)

Visual Simulation of Brown Coal Landscapes from 1940 - 2030

Our Visual Landscape: a Conference on Visual Resource Management.ETH Zürich / Ascona, 23. - 27. August 1999

2nd Prize winner at the AGIT '97 conference(Applied GIS Work) in Salzburg. GIS based computer animation of brown coal landscapes


BOGI (Best of GIS Images) 1st Prize winner in GISWorld/GIS Europe Magazines. The image comes out of the ongoingproject 'Computerized Visual Simulation and Future Landscape Change'.It is a real time visualization with the combined satellite anddigitized zoning information draped over the 3D Terrain Model. On theimage the Lake Lucerne area of Switzerland is shown with thecommunities of Arth-Goldau (in the foreground) and Schwyz (in the background).

BOGI94 (83kb) Central Switzerland (69kb)


BOGI (Best of GIS Images) 2nd Prize winner in GISWorld/GIS Europe Magazines. These two images illustrate a site in theSwiss Alps where a proposed lake level change is under investigation.The second Image shows the after intervention change. These imageswere constructed on Silicon Graphics VGX workstations running theCLR's PolyTRIM software with inputs from Arc/Info (DEM and lake),AutoCAD (Dam Models), and Ortho-corrected Aerial Photography togetherwith Rodney Hoinkes, Centre for Landscape Research, University ofToronto.

BOGI93 (68kb)


Existing northern dam (25kb) Proposed nothern dam (25kb)


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