Project Methodology
The Greenspace project focuses on the visualization of different urban greenspace sites within the city of Zürich. The purpose of this visualization is to provide a basis from which to analyse how people interpret and react to the visual experience of the landscape.

The visualization used in the project includes both static and real-time dynamic representations of urban greenspaces as a basis for public surveys. Visualization is used as the project's key communication tool and will be employed to help transmit visual and spatial ideas to focus groups.

The results of these public surveys will provide a basis for the assessment of the project, and of the designs of the landscape itself. The surveys will determine what design and environmental factors the public judge to enhance or detract from the experience of visiting that particular site.

The greenspaces visualization also has the potential to assist with planning and the urban design process. In addition to the changes of the physical built structure of the city, visualization can reveal complex changes of the environment, such as density of vegetation, growth patterns, and seasonal dynamics of vegetation. By visualizing the dynamic qualities of vegetation, detailed assessments and decisions can be made on issues such as numbers and variations of trees, locations for plantings, and the presence and location of different seasonal plants in a park.

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