Urban "green space" makes an essential contribution to the quality of life. However, it is often not given the same priority as other calls on municipal funds. Greenspace includes the the following landuses:
- urban squares
- parks
- woodlands
- green corridors
- nature reserves

The objective of the Greenspace Project is to advance the planning and design of urban green space.

The project will define the types and variety of green space that best meets people's needs.

Preliminary questions:
- How do people use greenspace and what value is attached to it?
- How can the valued functions of green space be supported by planning policy?
- How can recreation, ecology, and other public benefits be maximized?

The project will apply economic valuation methods, ecological, social, and planning approaches. Three-dimensional visualization will allow people to explore existing and prospective landscapes. The outcome will be a Decision Support Tool for planners and policy makers.

New: Web-Survey (in German and in English) on the contribution of urban greenspace
to the quality of life.
>> Survey for the Käferberg recreation area
>> Survey for urban greenspace sites

Prof. Dr. Eckart Lange - Project Manager
Dr. Sigrid Hehl-Lange - Project Coordinator
Isabella Mambretti - PhD Student
Stephen Bohus - Technical Consultant
Russell Loveridge -Research Associate
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