The Contribution of Urban Greenspace to Quality of Life
EU 5th Framework, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Rationale for project

Many European towns and cities possess attractive parks or recreational areas. This new research will develop applied methodologies to identify the types and variety of green spaces and other public open spaces that best satisfy people's needs.

The Greenspace Project will demonstrate, using case studies, how citizen participation can be brought to the strategic planning of "greenspace" on a continuing basis. Open public-space makes an essential contribution to the quality of life of urban citizens. It provides a recreational resource, a peaceful retreat, a medium for social interaction, safe and exciting play areas for children, a reserve for urban wildlife, as well as an attractive backdrop to built development. Yet greenspace is often not given the same priority as other calls on central or municipal funds. The portfolio of space is often a legacy of earlier decades and in relatively few urban areas has the planning and development of urban squares, parks, country parks, green corridors and urban nature reserves, been approached in a comprehensive manner

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